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Caveman TV

This is the title track of the album a inspirational song about a place in the Pyranees, recorded in one take at powerhouse studios this is a song that talks about the meteor showers that happen in August. And the cavemen who thousands of years ago watched them. Three Bass solos in this Track!

Anarchy in the UK

This is a waltz version of the Famous Sex Pistols Sondg with Anarchic Uillean Pipes Acoustic Instruments and a Wonderful Phased Bass Solo, the video is illustrated with images from Clifford Harpers Guide to Anarchy

Dartmoor for 21 Years

A great prison song JC found in an Irish Trad songbook another Waltz that JC and Tony have been playing for a long time.

Stay (Don't Go)

This is an early song By Bacharach and Hillyard, its been covered by lots of people JC discovered a version by the crying shames produced by Joe Meek, lots of people have done versions including the Bay City Rollers, the drifters and Zoot money.. its a love song but it has a gothic Spookiness about it John Perry playing on a 69 Strat send shivers up your spine

I Will Walk with You

This is a song about people who have left the party before us or more simply people we have lost, it has a great "Astral Weeks" feeling to the bass part, JC originally wrote it for his father about walking on Bagshot common, it could be sung about anybody we miss and hope to catch up with one day.

Painting with Sound (in the Beginning)

A song about songwriting and the miracle of music drifting across the radio waves, how a song can take you round the world without leaving your chair, nowdays even more so with music shared on the internet we sometimes take the magic of this golbal phenomena for granted but it is a magic. Great Guitar work for the West Country Meastro here, also a brilliant Bach style circle of fifths groove from the professor.

The Golborne Variations

This is a re-working of JC's 2012 Epic award winning Rock opera about a road in north Kensington, it features just JC and Tony recorded in JC's studio with some great jamming and improvisation. The doubling of the guitar with ethic instruments is acheived using a wonderful peice of technology called Fishman Triple PLay midi pick up on JC's trusty "Folk King" guitar, there is a bit of accordian on this track.. the playout is very spacey let your mind wander and ENJOY the groove.

Zombie Jamboree

A Traditional Calypso about a Zombie party on an island, differnt version of this song have been performed by the Kingston trio, The Wailers (as Jumbee jamboree) this is a fun song for the end of the album mostly recorded in one take with added backing vocals and lead guitar...